My Story

I started this blog as a way to share my thoughts, ideas, and sometimes struggles, of being a young professional in the nonprofit sector. I’ve been working in nonprofit for over 5 years, starting at an entry level position, finding my passion in marketing & development, and continuing to move forward in what I hope will be a long career in the industry.

I currently work at an environmental nonprofit as the Development and Marketing Coordinator. I feel lucky to say that I love my job and I love using my skills and knowledge to make a difference in my community. I also love connecting with other young professionals, at my previous job I started a Young Professionals Committee for my organization and when I moved to San Diego I joined YNPN San Diego where I’ve already met some amazing people who’ve introduced me to great ideas and discussions that I plan to share on the blog!

You can learn more about my career journey here:

Getting Started: Realizing Nonprofit Could Be for Me
Getting Started: The Job Hunt
Getting Started: My First Nonprofit Job 

I’m also a newlywed and new west coast resident! My husband and I got married in October 2011, and two weeks later got on a plane to move to San Diego from Richmond, VA to shake things up a bit and experience a different side of life. I also applied to graduate school when we got here and will be starting that M.A. Nonprofit Leadership & Management program this fall.

Contact Me:

Twitter: @JessGreenSD

2 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Welcome to San Diego! We (DonationMatch) are also based here, and I suggest joining the YNPN ( – they’re a fun and friendly group! DonationMatch is currently looking for interns in several areas, and we currently have about 150 local nonprofits in our system. Email me if you want to chat more – I think you’ll love it here in San Diego! 🙂
    – Renee Zau, Co-founder, DonationMatch (

    • JessGreenSD says:

      Hi Renee, thank you my husband and I are excited to be here! I actually joined YNPN in December and went to their bookclub event last week, it seems like a great group so I’m planning to get more involved. I’ll send you an email shortly 🙂

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